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Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered with a smile

BeMe aligners are custom-made, BPA-free plastic trays that offer a solution to gradually move your teeth into their desired position.

BeMe treatments take around 3 - 10 months, depending on your situation. BeMe aims to provide the shortest possible treatment while ensuring the highest safety and comfort to our patients.

You should wear your aligners for no less than 20 hours per day to obtain the desired results.

Most of our patients start seeing a difference from the 5th week of treatment. You will record your weekly changes within the BeMe app and witness the gradual transformation.

Our treatment serves teenagers and up. As long as your permanent teeth are present and healthy, you are a potential candidate. Your dentist will decide if you are suitable during your first consultation.

BeMe is supported by Modern Dental Group, a global dental device company with over 35 years of experience serving dentists and patients. Working with your dentist, our team of orthodontics experts plan and design your teeth straightening treatment with safety and results as their priority.

Your aligners are made in our ISO certified facilities under the highest quality control standards.

Your dentist will monitor your progress every week once your photos are submitted on the BeMe app, plus in person consultations as agreed with you and your dentist. If there is the slightest sign that your treatment may not be going as expected, you will be notified and a dentist appointment will be scheduled.

Notice the warnings on the label and accompanying documents before use.

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