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Get Ready
To Smile


Why is BeMe Right for You?

Partner Dentist Consultation

Your treatment progress will be closely monitored through our app and in person by your dentist, with at least three dental visits. Additional visits depending on your oral condition and treatment plan may be considered.

Teeth Assessment

Done by a partner dentist with digital intraoral scanners and x-rays to obtain accurate teeth assessment.

Treatment Planning and Design

Managed by your dentist and our own expert team.


Include the complete sets of aligners.

Our Treatment

A BeMe clear aligner treatment takes an average of 24 weeks to complete.


From your dental assessment throughout the alignment treatment until you get your brand-new smile,

your dentist and the BeMe team will be with you every step of the way.

Treatable Cases

BeMe is the teeth alignment solution to multiple types of malocclusion.
Midline Shift
Open Bite

Highest Professional Standards


Invisible aligner treatment plans are designed professionally to suit each patient’s teeth condition.


Invisible aligners and retainers are made with premium materials.


Our invisible aligners and retainers are custom-made with the latest AI and 3D printing technologies.


The details of aligners and retainers are carefully monitored to the highest standard.

Treatment Process

BeMe ensures a professional teeth alignment while saving your time by combining remote

and in-person treatment monitoring.

Minimum of three visits to your dentist at our partner clinics.
Our partner dentist will monitor your progress through the BeMe app.
Reach out to our customer-care team 7 days a week.

Our Treatment Process

Step 1
Chat with us!

Send us a picture or arrange a free consultation.

Your dentist will discuss with you how to achieve your desired smile.

Step 2
Say Yes to BeMe!

Your dentist will take an x-ray or 3D scan of your teeth.

Your dentist and BeMe’s team will design and plan your teeth straightening treatment.

Step 3
Start your transformation!

Pick up your aligners from your dentist and be informed of the usage and schedule follow-up appointment(s).

Make sure to record your progress by uploading photos on our app.

Attend appointments with your dentist to ensure your progress is going well.

Chat with our customer care team whenever you need help.

Step 4

Once your treatment is almost done, meet your dentist one last time to evaluate your smile.

Upon completion, don’t forget to maintain your new smile with our stylish retainers!

Notice the warnings on the label and accompanying documents before use.

Modern Dental Group Ltd

15/24, Moo 9, Sainoi Sub-district  Sainoi District, Nonthaburi, 11150 +66 822128994

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